Trisha: Beauty


Favourite treatment: Make Up

What you don’t know about her: Trisha loves special effects makeup, is a Pinterest junkie and loves Interior magazines

Alternative Career: Interior Design   

Best part of the job:  The people; getting to know clients and having chats and fun with them is so enjoyable. 

Styling tip: Bring in a photo or image with you when asking for a particular look or style. Tan makes everyone look better and you can’t go wrong with wearing black.    

Guilty Pleasure: 3 Cs: Celebrity gossip, Chocolate and Chinese…preferably all the same night! 

Favourite Drink: Prosecco

What they say about Trisha: Trisha is great at her job; the clients love her and she is a total team player. She is so fun to be around as she is always so bubbly and is such great craic.


Clare Jordan