Catriona: Hair


Favourite product: Anything from the SKINICIAN range is amazing

What you don’t know about her: Catriona loves solo time outdoors ideally in the woods or by the sea, to rejuvenateand recharge the batteries.

Alternative Career: Air hostess…was the dream but failed the height test!

Best part of the job: People, getting to know the customers and getting to spend time with new people ever day

Dream Client/Job: Jennifer Aniston

Styling tip: tan…makes you glow instantly.

Guilty Pleasure: Shopping and eating…ideally both!

Favourite Drink: Smirnoff Ice…oh and cocktails!

What they say about Catriona: She is so great at helping others and is always there for everyone. She is so much fun, such a laugh to be around and is really giddy. She is totally up front and calls a spade a spade and you always know where you stand with her.

Clare Jordan