Kelie: Hair and Beauty


Kelie: Hair and Beauty

Favourite product: Fake love love them! 

What you don’t know about her: Kelie loves art, drawing and painting. She gets this from her Dad and she is very creative and has been drawing and doodling from a very early age. 

Alternative Career: Nurse

Dream Client/Job: SoSue...Suzanne Jackson

Best part of the job: No 2 clients are the same and everyone has such different styles and taste, it makes my day really interesting. 

Styling tip: Put a tissue under your eye when you are applying mascara, it's a fabulous way of preventing smudging. 

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate & I am attached to my phone...if you see it and I am not with it there has been a kidnapping. 

Favourite Drink: Strawberry daiquiri

What they say about Kelie: Kelie is really bubbly and always has such a positive outlook. She is really great at her job and a total team player, she is super fun and great to work with. 

Clare Jordan