The Hair & Beauty Chalet is an Irish Run Business
Shipped From Our Salon in Ireland


Favourite treatment: Skinician Luxe Body Scrub works wonders.

What you don’t know about her: Lorraine loves to cook and bake, she brings in lunches for the girls and just loves making yummy goodies.

Alternative Career: Definitely working with food, either running a restaurant or becoming a chef.  

Best part of the job:  Working with family is fabulous, getting to spend time with my sisters daily is really wonderful and so fun. The team are like a family and we have so much fun together.

Styling tip: Lashes and lipstick finish the look.  

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate…always!

Favourite Drink: Cloudy Lemonade or Prosecco depending on my mood!

What they say about Lorraine: Lorraine is so organized and can multitask like a pro. She has the most terrific memory and knows each client’s preferences, and is so great at making sure they are happy. She is a like a super stylish, energetic ninja with great lipstick.