The Hair & Beauty Chalet is an Irish Run Business
Shipped From Our Salon in Ireland


Favourite treatment: Massage, so great for the body and soul.

What you don’t know about her: Inese is from Latvia, is a graduate from NCAD and loves rave music.

Alternative Career: DJ, that would be a dream job. 

Best part of the job: The team make the job really fun, there is such a variety of customers all with different tastes so each day is different.

Styling tip: To get an extra day out of your curls, pin them up at night with bobby pins and use dry shampoo on the roots the next day, they will look just as great day two.

Guilty Pleasure: Ice-cream and electronic music.  

Favourite Drink: Good red wine…emphasizing the good!  

What they say about Inese: She is a long-lost Latvian cousin who is soooo creative, sees the bigger picture and is really easy to talk to. She is bubbly, super chatty and the customers love her, she has the gentlest touch and is just wonderful at her job.