The Box said Blonde and Sassy – Why you should leave hair dying to the experts

We’ve all been there or know someone who has! Whether you were mad to try the Cheryl Cole red or you happened to be in your local pharmacy and a nice colour hair dye caught your eye on the shelf, we have fell victim to home dying!

People may see home dying as cheap and cheerful and handy as you don’t have to wait for appointments but there is much more to the hair colour process than simply running boxed dye through your hair over the bathroom sink.

blonde & sassy.png

So why is it people insist on continuing to home dye their locks?

Why should you leave your colour transformation to the professionals?

In our opinion the number one reason is the picture above!! With home dyes you don’t always get what you’ve signed up for. You must consider that the current state and even current colour of your hair may not translate to the exact colour you see on the box! Not to mention the model on the box more than likely had her hair done by A PROFESSIONAL!! Crazy isn’t it?

Another reason not to home dye is that you’re not saving time or money because 9 times out of 10 you’ll end up at the salon having a problem caused by the box dye rectified! If you home dye your long luscious locks you could possibly end up with that bob you haven’t always dreamed of due to damaged hair! Colour correction anyone?

Step away from the bleach… we beg of you!! Why on earth would anyone attempt lightening their own hair it just baffles us! When you lift hair colour with bleach, you’re strands of hair become more porous, reducing their ability to retain moisture resulting in damaged brittle hair.  The internet is full of horror stories around home bleaching, don’t believe us? Google is your friend!

These are just 3 reasons why you should stick to the professionals we could go on FOREVER! Any queries or questions on any of this be sure to ask our team and if you have experienced a home dye disaster recently and are still in hiding feel free to contact us regarding damage control!!