So... Retinol?

We’re excited. Like really excited!

Do you feel after the summer months that your skin is looking a little tired or dull? Are there some fine lines, pigmentation or age spots starting to appear? If so, we now stock Skinician Ageless Overnight Retinol PowerBalm in The Hair & Beauty Chalet! This will be the problem solver for all of these early or advanced signs of ageing skin.  

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We are loving the results of this product, not only does it give a beautiful luminous glow but it can actually reverse the signs of ageing skin with its powerful ingredients. If you are looking for immediate results with ageing skin, this is the miracle cream for you! 

To work along side this product we also have a new signature Facial Treatment, The Skinician Ageless AHA Lactic Acid Peel. We were lucky enough here at The Chalet to be a pilot salon to trial both the new product & the facial treatment itself. Needless to say, we were well impressed with the attention to detail in the development of the new products & the results they achieve within only a couple of applications. 

Firstly the Ageless Overnight Retinol PowerBalm begins to rejuveinate skin & reduce the signs of ageing, the potent balm also works to reduce pigmenatation (which actually can make us look 10 years older) while refining pores. The use of the balm 4-6 weeks prior to the Ageless AHA Lactic Acid Facial really prepares the skin for the intense exfoliation of the Lactic Peel allowing the skin to get the best result possible.  During the month of September, when you book your Ageless AHA Lactic Acid Peel Facial & purchase your Ageless Overnight Retinol PowerBalm, recieve a FREE 30ml TimeDelay Day Cream & TimeDelay Restoring Night Cream worth 65 euro. 

Benefits of Ageless Overnight Retinol PowerBalm :

  • Minimises the visible signs of ageing & sun damage

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines

  • Supports firmer skin

  • Reveals a brighter, more luminous & youthful complexion

Benefits of The Ageless AHA Lactic Acid Peel Facial 

  • Resurfaces the skin

  • Treats all the signs of ageing

  • 30 - 45 minute treatment with immediate results

  • Skin health continues to improve in the coming weeks

How to use

Use each night after a thorough cleansing & toning. Apply in circular movements to the face & neck, avoiding the delicate eye area, prior to your recommended night time moisturiser.  

NB ~ If skin is sensitive, introduce into your daily Skinician routine gradually. Due to the active nature of retinol in this product, it is recommended that it is not used for at least 5 days prior & post sun exposure or advanced exfoliating/peeling treatments or waxing. 

Have any questions? Get in touch or simply click the link to book your next facial, you won't be disappointed! 

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