Our Make Up Workshop

Over the years we have had many people asking us about a make up class & how to apply make up correctly, so we decided to organise a class. We hired the beautiful venue Leinster Hills as it was an ideal venue for us as it’s in the countryside just like ourselves & there was lots of parking available.

We started off the day at 11.45am for registration, chatting to each person about their skin so we could personalise their goodie bag to suit their needs & by 12 noon we were ready to start. We had 13 lovely ladies of all ages join us, they all brought along their own make up & brushes, some had more than others but this didn’t matter as everyone had the opportunity to use our make up from our new Eva Garden stand & also our brushes.

Kelie was our model for the day & I started off with a skin care demo using our Skinician range showing how quick it is to do an every day skincare routine. While I was doing the demo Amy was giving her advise on skincare & answering any questions that were coming her way. Next I did a day look on Kelie showing how best to apply your make up to get it to last all day & also showing everyone which brushes to use for each stage.

Now it was over to the make up stations for the fun bit, all the make up bags were emptied & everyone started into creating their own day look while Amy, Kelie & myself helped with whatever it was that any of the ladies found difficult to do. For some it was eye liner, others it was blending foundation or eyeshadow & so on but no task was beyond possibility. After about an hour of playing with different colours each of the ladies looked beautiful & were delighted with their day look & starting to feel a little hungry from all the hard work.

Marie from Leinster Hills had lunch ready for all of us, we each had our own plate with a selection of sandwiches & a side of crisps, as much tea or coffee as we could drink & the most delicious home baking to finish off.

After lunch I demonstrated how to change up your day look into a night look in only a few minutes. Again the ladies all went to the make up stations to try out their own looks. They were all amazed at how much they could transform what they had done earlier. When everyone was almost finished their night look Amy, Kelie & myself showed how we would apply our own lashes, Kelie did a strip lash & both myself & Amy did individual lashes. Most of the ladies tried out the lashes then on themselves some getting it straight away, others doing well with one eye & struggling with the other (but that’s what practice is for) & I even seen a daughter applying a set for her mother who looked fabulous by the way.

We all had such an amazing day & the feedback has been amazing. Here are some of the reviews & comments from the day.

“Just home from the Makeup Workshop, after an excellent day! The entire day was very enjoyable and very professionally organised by Amy, Stephanie and Kellie.We received goody bags that were suited to our own individual skin type and throughout the day used both our own make up and products that the girls use in the salon.The girls were very helpful throughout the day and I have learned loads of new tips and how to get the most use out of my own makeup products! If another workshop is organised I would highly recommended it😊thanks for organising such a great day!😊 “

“Absolutely amazing day! Learned so much and had great fun. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks so much to you all!”

“Thanks so much Amy, Stephanie and Kellie . Could not praise the day enough. So many tips. So practical. So much advice and such good fun at the same time. Count me in for the next one. I wish I could go again tomorrow. Thanks for a wonderful day.”

“Myself and Amy had a great day. Would recommend it. Learned lots and had great fun as well.”

If you are interested in coming along to a workshop keep an eye on our facebook page for the next date or give us a call for more details. Thank you to everyone who came along & for making it such a great day.


Stephanie Foley