Have you got those Twinkly Toes Summer ready yet?


Footlogix is the worlds first and only Pediceutical Foot Care range that achieves transformational results.  Our feet walk on average 115,000 miles in a lifetime and we need to take care of them!

Footlogix uses advanced technology to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin, not just sealing the area like many rich creams and lotions do.  The Footlogix non invasive method of removing dry skin makes it suitable for almost everyone even diabetics.

The Pedicure is very relaxing whilst giving immediate and lasting results.  Every pedicure consists of a complete foot, nail and skin analysis and targeted products are then choosen to use.  The Pedicure begins with a relieving foot soak in a skin softening, delicate and gentle foot-soak concentrate.  Then the feet are exfoliated using an invigorating seaweed scrub containing polished pumice, seaweed and healing algae.

To remove the dead, hard skin we use the Callus softener.  This is a  revolutionary product that is non-aggressive and instantly softens, calluses, nails and cuticles.  This product is used in  conjunction with the medical grade stainless steel file, these combined create a powerful yet gentle way to remove unwanted dead skin.

Each Pedicure also consists of one of Footlogix signature mousses being applied to the skin, a relieving massage and nail and cuticle work.  With around 10 different types of mousses available for retail the amazing results from your pedicure can be maintained at home  These include, Cracked Heel Formula, Peeling Skin Formula, Cold Feet Formula and Tired Leg Formula to name a few.  There are also fungal nail infection treating products and much more.

Here at The Hair & Beauty Chalet we offer 3 different Footlogix Pedicure options:

45 minute consists of a full Pedicure including cuticle and nail work with no paint.

60 minute consists of full Pedicure with a file and paint on toes.

75 minute consists of full Pedicure with 3 week polish on toes, perfect for holidays.

We have had amazing feedback from our clients, who are absolutely loving the results and have all remarked that they feel like they have new feet.  So why not start now and have your feet looking beach ready for this summer.

Stephanie Foley