The Benefits of a Regular Facial

We hear so much about facial treatments & know we should be having regular facials but why? I would like to give you a run down of the benefits & also what’s involved in a treatment.

Not only will regular facials improve the skin cell renewal process, increase micro circulation, improve skin texture & tone, balance oil production, fight the signs of premature ageing, reduce sensitivity & aid the natural exfoliation process (desquamation) to name a few but what about creating an overall sense of well-being?

In today’s busy world, taking time out for self care has never been so important. Imagine, a heated bed, hot steamed towels, ambient music & luxurious product… then we’ve got the facial itself which we tailor for each individual. During our Opatra Dermisonic Facial, we use the modalities of Ultrasound (allows products to penetrate deeper), LED Light Therapy (RED - Anti Ageing, BLUE - Anti Bacterial & GREEN - Anti Inflammatory), Galvanic (Deep Cleansing/Product Penetration) & Massage Therapy (Stimulates Circulation) at each stage of the treatment ensuring optimum results are achieved.

Beginning the treatment with a relaxation & cleansing ritual, we then analyse the face & neck to determine the most beneficial products to nourish the skin. Then we move along to exfoliation, improving texture, tone & aiding the desquamation process. If we can exfoliate the skin on a regular basis it will allow products to penetrate efficiently & also increase the rate at which our skin cells renew themselves in turn improving the signs of ageing & also aiding in the removal of congestion.

The use of our Advanced Firming Serum or Advanced Calming Serum under our masks will nourish, hydrate, clarify, calm or tighten the skin. (The masking process is another link in the chain when it comes to home care routine, if we can pick an evening or two per week to add exfoliation & a mask to our regular routine of Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise we would be enhancing the performance of our products). Then again a double application of advanced serum to the neck area using the Opatra Dermi Neck to stimulate circulation, aid product penetration & stimulate lymphatic flow.

The treatment is then completed with the application of our Advanced Eye Repair (another add on to our regular routine, use morning & night) & the use of our Opatra Dermi Eye & Opatra Dermi Lip to help tighten & tone fine lines & wrinkles & to top it off your suitable Skinician moisturiser. (If your appointment is in the evening we use the Skinician Restoring Night Cream so your ready for bed!)

So what’s not to love? Here at The Chalet we love seeing the results with our clients skin & making a real difference to how they feel!