Your 3 Minute Morning Skincare Routine

We hear from lots of people all the time that they don’t have the time in the morning to do a skincare routine but I can assure you this only takes 3 minutes of your time so there’s no excuse not to get it done :)

Have all your products together in your bathroom & a fresh clean face cloth ready ( I love the fleece/cleanse off one’s in Penney’s, there’s 3 in a box for €4).

As it’s morning time you shouldn't have any make up on ( because you did your night time routine last night). Apply the correct amount of cleanser needed or advised by your skincare specialist to your face & neck & work it in in circular movements for about 30 seconds. If you feel your skin needs an extra boost but you don’t have the time, add some of the Skinician Facial Exfoliator to your cleanser for a power cleanse.

Take your nice fresh cloth, wet it with hot water(don’t burn yourself) then wash off your cleanser.

If your using Skinician you will know that you can spritz on your toner or if not apply your toner to a cotton pad & apply to your face & neck (this is an important step not to be missed).

Next is your eye cream, you only need the size of a grain of rice for both eyes, apply this amount to your middle finger, dot both middle fingers together & apply along the bone under & over the eye being careful not to go too close to the eye. Eye cream is best applied working from the inside out in a little tapping motion to create blood flow to the area.

Now you can apply your chosen serum, my favourite is the Skinician Firming Serum. Apply the recommended amount to your face & neck working in upward movements. Usually you won’t need to use much product as a small amount of serum goes a long way (I’m a big believer in not wasting your products).

Lastly you are at your moisturiser, again apply the recommended amount of your moisturiser to your face & neck working in upward movements.

And viola your done in only 3 minutes, you feel great & your skin looks amazing.

So a quick recap:

Cleanse for 30 seconds

Spritz on your toner

Tiny amount of eye cream



For help in trying to decide what you need to get the best result & to find out what skin type you are why not come into us for a chat & a free skin consultation, you’ll be glad you did.