Nailed It!!!

Over the years, I have found that there can be a little confusion when it comes to nail treatments.  So, I decided to explain the different types of treatments available here @ The Hair & Beauty Chalet, the do’s & don’ts & some helpful tips to make your nail look last a little longer.


Regular File & Paint (20 min) but add a little extra time to dry!

This treatment is great for clients who cannot wear product on their nails due to their profession or simply if you just need it for a couple of days or so.  As its just a regular polish, it can smudge quite easily, chip or a nail could also break as there is no strength in the product.                                         

Tip – Have things like keys, purse, phone out of the bag not to mark your fab but not yet dry nails.


Gel Polish (30 – 45 min)

Personally, this is my favourite!  It allows the you to choose a colour for the natural nail that you adore, lasting up to 2-3 weeks depending on the nail growth or how much wear & tear they get.  It does help to protect the nails from breakage due to the small amount of gel in the product but its not made of steel so be careful! There are a range of different brands, all of which are fantastic, here @ The Hair & Beauty Chalet we love NSI Polish Pro & also Perfect Match!  You can create a block colour, glitter nail, foil look, French tip or Ombre nails.                                                                                

Tip – Be sure to return to the salon for professional removal to protect the natural nail as picking off the product will only cause damage to it.


Acrylic Polish (Dip Method) (45 – 60 min)

This new system can be applied to the natural nail or also nail extensions.  This allows you to have a very hard-wearing nail.  So, if you feel that gel polish doesn’t last for you, this is the treatment for you.  We have had clients return 5-6 weeks later with all product intact, just regrowth! This can also be applied under your favourite gel polish colour to give added strength.  The acrylic polish is also available in a range of colours.                                                                                                                          

Tip – When choosing a colour, always check with a sample nail from our colour wheel as the colour you’ve got in mind may not be the best for your skin tone, it’s amazing how the same colour looks different on everyone!  


Gel Nails (With Extensions) (60 – 105 min)

The most common look; pink & whites (French) but not mandatory! You can pick your favourite gel polish to finish the look!  In the process, the natural nail is clipped down, a plastic nail tip is then applied, shaped to your preferred shape (square, squoval, oval, round, stiletto, coffin tip or almond).  At The Hair & Beauty Chalet we use a product called Sani Pure before anything is applied to the natural nail to remove any bacteria & any excess oils, preventing nasty infections & providing longer lasting nails.  A few layers of gel will then be applied & using a UV lamp the product will be cured, reshaped, buffed & finished with a gel top coat or as mentioned, a gel polish if preferred.  Professional removal is required & a refill is also recommended every 3-4 weeks. 

Tip – Use hand cream or cuticle oil for a week or two before application, this will allow your nail technician to expose a little more of the natural nail plate easier, helping the gel to stay a little longer without lifting.  If lifting occurs, be sure to book an appointment immediately as bacteria can get trapped between the natural nail & the gel & we don’t want that now do we…


Acrylic Nails (With Extensions) (90 – 120 min)

At the moment, I find that a nude or a blush pink is very popular!  The technique is very similar to gel with the tip application, hygiene practices & shaping but here we use acrylic powder & liquid to create beads, these are then applied to the nail, there is no need for a lamp as it cures itself, the nail is then buffed & a sealer top coat applied.  Again, a gel polish can be applied to give a pop of colour, I prefer this rather than a coloured acrylic powder.  A refill can be done 3-4 weeks later to maintain those fab nails!                                                                                                                                                    

Tip: Remove all nails after 6-8 weeks & reapply a new set will keep them at their best.


Top Tips

~        Gel/Acrylic polish will last better on shorter nails; there’s not as much movement.

~        Don’t spend too much time in water, the natural nail will soften but the product wont allowing a micro gap, this               would create lifting, peeling or chipping of the product.

~        Be careful of the handle of a car door after it rains, plenty of people know what I mean…...

~        Don’t pick a colour because of your wardrobe, if you love it, go for it, your body is telling you something!

~        Always, always, always remove product professionally, you’ll be sorry if you don’t!

~        Leave hand cream on your locker, our hands are always a little dry & they can tell a lot, keep them hydrated &                 they will look younger!

~        Always keep a nail file in the car, handbag, kitchen & your locker, but try not to file over any product you want               to keep because once that seal is broken it can peel or chip.

~        For any brides, my tip would be, keep it natural, just look at Kate Middleton!  


I think that’s enough for now, even if the weather is not quite bright yet, I do suggest popping on a bright shade, I don’t mean neon yet, but it will give you a lift!


Amy   x



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