SKINICIAN & Me...Knowledge is beautiful.

Are you familiar with SKINICIAN? You may or may not be and some of you may even already be using it. SKINICIAN is the professional skincare brand we use here in the salon. It's a family owned Irish brand launched in 2012 by mother and daughter duo Hilary Mc Murray and Shelley Martin (who also brought us the fab Hi-She tan!) It combines the very best of science and nature to bring you long lasting and effective results.

Facials have always been one of my favourite treatments in the salon and I have a passion for all things skincare. Over my nine years in the beauty industry I have worked with a lot of different skincare brands from Dermalogica to Elemis and just about everything in between! When I joined The Hair & Beauty Chalet team I was really excited to work with a new (and IRISH) brand. I was lucky enough to be sent to Dublin for a 3-day intense SKINICIAN training course. During my training I learned everything from the brands' history, in-depth product ingredients, how the products work and how to use them correctly for greatest results. I gained this through both theory and practical training along with advanced treatments aswell. Since returning from my training I have put everything into practice and have really seen the results on my clients. I now use the products myself and its safe to say SKINICIAN has fast become my favourite skincare brand. Well, when results are immediate and prices are so affordable it really speaks for itself doesn't it?! 

These days life is stressful, everyone is running around trying to do 101 things and many women find it hard to fit in a daily skincare routine into their busy lifestyle, however it is so important not to let your skin suffer. Everyone deserves a little "me time" even if it is only 5 minutes in the day. SKINICIAN understands this and their '5min Skincare Routine' covers your full 3-step routine in only FIVE MINUTES! You can't get much better than that!

So lets see...

STEP 1: Cleanse. Apply 1 pump of your cleanser onto damp hands, massage into your skin and rinse off with tepid water (or our personal favourite: a hot facecloth). Repeat for a thorough cleanse to removes all traces of make up. Tip: Keep your cleanser by your sink or next to your toothbrush so you never forget just before you go to bed!

STEP 2: Tone. Thanks to SKINICIAN toning your skin could not be simpler with it's spray bottle. All you need to do is simply spritz your whole face 3-4 times from a distance of 30cm. Tip: Toning your skin not only removes any traces of cleanser left on the skin but SKINICIAN toners are also treatment toners depending on your skin type.

STEP 3: Moisturise. The final step, apply your moisturiser to your face and neck in upwards strokes. Job Done! Tip: Keep your night cream on your bedside locker so this this step can be done wile you lie in bed.

So what are you waiting for? Start your new, quick and easy skincare routine today, your skin will thank you for it!


Did You Know?

Not sure what your skin type is or what products you should be using on your skin? Why not book into myself or one of our other skin therapists for your free 15min SKINICIAN skin analysis or better still add it onto our 30min Boutique Facial! If you don't treat yourself who will!


Denise x

Clare Jordan