Hair Loss or Thinning Hair


Hair loss occurs for both men and women & is more common the older you get. Hair loss can occur for many different reasons, it can begin at just about any point in a person’s life from stress, medication and it can even be genetic. I myself have always had fine hair and this is why I have decided to fill you in a little more.

How to prevent hair from falling out:
You can use many different products some inexpensive but others can be very expensive so why not try a few techniques at home.

Head Massage:
Head massage is a relaxing treament that helps reduce stress which can cause the loss of hair. It also enhances blood circulation in the scalp, if there is a lack of blood circulation in the scalp, the chance of hair falling out will increase. Stress will lead to the blood circulation decreasing because certain parts of the body tighten and blood vessels will become constricted. This causes hair loss.

Changing your diet:
Protein is not only good for your health but good for your hair too. Foods such as lean meat like chicken and fish enhance hair growth. Protein foods are also full of vitamins and other nutrients necessary for the body.

There is a number of oils that can thicken your hair, for example rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, and clary sage oil. We use a scalp tonic in the salon “Kitoko Age Prevent Scalp Tonic”, retailing at €14 it is a powerful product to have for home use. One of the main benefits of using this is hair growth, the oil stimulates the scalp. Applying this oil to the scalp allows the hair follicle to become clean and stronger.

These are only a few home remedies to improve hair growth but if you are already suffering from hair loss you could use a product that makes your hair look fuller. A firm favourite with our clients is the hair fibres. These fibres are 100% natural they contain nothing harmful as you do not want to damage your scalp. This gives the hair a naturally thicker look & best of all you can choose the shade which suits your hair colour best.

I hope these little tips may help some of you with fine or thinning hair.


Jennifer. x

Clare Jordan