Lorraine's Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas @ The Chalet 2018

            10. He Shi Supreme Glow Gift Set

This is a fantastic gift set for all those tanaholics out there, it contains the Gold Foaming Mousse, Rose Pearl Illuminator & Luxury Velvet Mitt. The Illuminator gives a fabulous finish with the tan and the new Velvet Mitt makes the application much easier.

RRP €57.50 now €28.75

            9.  Pro Enzyme Peel Facial

This is a fabulous relaxing facial that uses an advanced anti-ageing peel and will enhance cell renewal, resulting in a smoother, younger and healthier appearance. Also promotes anti ageing with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

1hr of bliss for €50


            8.  Mode Colour Care / Cool Blonde Shampoo Set

The Colour Care is a must for anyone with coloured hair especially the red tones as it definitely helps keep your colour for longer.  It smells absolutely devine (good enough to eat) and it includes Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque. We also have a fab hamper with this set including a shower detangling brush and another detangler that is only fantastic, its like having a head massage when using it.

All this for €24 saving €18

Hamper €35


This range also has a Cool Blonde set for all those Blondie's out there.  It includes Shampoo, Conditioner and an Illuminator.  The Illuminator is to be used once a week it helps brighten the hair removing any unwanted golden tones.  Great for Blonde, White or Grey hair.

All this for €28 saving €14


            7.  Footlogix Pedicure

This pedicure is absolutely fantastic, not only does Footlogix want your feet looking pretty they are also interested in the health of your feet. There is instant results with the pedicure and everyone that has one done says “they feel like they are walking on air”. Another advantage to this pedicure is that it is totally safe for Diabetics and Pregnant Women.

There is 3 types of Pedicure the first one being a 45 min Pedicure no paint, second one 60 min Pedicure with normal paint and the last one 75 min Pedicure with 3 week polish.

Starting from €40


            6.  Revitalising / Purifying Travel Set

This travel Skinician set is ideal for the gym or if you’re lucky enough to be heading away any time soon. It comprises of Mini Revitalising / Purifying Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser. We also have an Advanced set in it comprising of Mini Revitalising / Purifying Cleanser, Toner, Time Delay Day Cream & Restoring Night Cream. All come in hamper style with facecloth, Skinician booklet & samples. The best part of this set is at the minute its Buy One Get One FREE

Revitalising / Purifying Set €30 Buy One Get One FREE

Advanced Set €80 Buy One Get One FREE


            5.  Relaxation Package

This is an hour and 15 minutes of pure relaxation, it involves Ear Candling with an Indian Head Massage clearing out sinuses, relieving aches & pains and helping you to get a good nights sleep.

Relax & unwind for 1hr 15mins for €60 saving you €10

            4.  Vitaplex Aftercare Kit

Vitaplex hydrates, strengthens and protects the hair, it is ideal for anyone who has highlights in the hair or has recently had their hair stripped. The set has Vitaplex Shampoo, Conditioner & Bond Preserver (treatment). The Bond Preserver boosts the strength of the hair and adds volume even after the second wash after application you can still feel the Preserver working. We also have this set done up in a hamper including a shower detangler and another detangler that is only devine, its like having a head massage when using it.

Aftercare Kit €39

Hamper €49


            3.  Repair Base Treatment with 2-3 Week Polish

For me this is a must for anyone when getting nails done, I am very hard on nails and will chip them within a week of application, but once I have this on the only thing I have is regrowth. I have noticed I am getting 4 or 5 weeks out of nails now (which is ok with a light colour or ombre) but we would still recommend to have your nails done every 3 weeks just to keep the strength in them.

Repair Base extra €6 on nails


            2.  Tailored Voucher

Why not pop into me in the Salon and we can put together a specific voucher maybe a Facial & Back Neck & Shoulder Massage or Facial & Pedicure or Hair, Make Up & Nails if you have a special night out or Confirmation or Communion coming up.



1.  Course of Dermisonic Facials

The Dermisonic is a revolutionary anti-ageing and skin repairing device that combines 4 scientifically proven treatments.

Galvanic Technology : Revitilises, tightens, tones & smooths skin. Aids blood circulation & stimulates collagen.

Ultrasound Stimulation : Eliminates dead skin cells, plumps the skin. Minimise's pore's, fades dark circles, freckles & age spots.Helps repair scar damage.

LED Light Therapy : Promotes a more radiant complextion, enhances skin cells, blood circulation & oxygen supply which in turn strenghtens skin tissue & improving cell metabolism. This has Red, Green & Blue Light.

Massage Stimulation : Strenghtens facial muscles, improves blood circulation & lymphatic drainage to detox & decongest the skin. Increases penetration of creams & serums.

The combined effects of the Dermisonic are so dramatic that it has been called the Non Surgical Facelift and when used in conjuction with Skinician exceptional range of powerful products this facial delivers real and visible results for all skin types & conditions. At the minute if you book a course of 4 facials there is a 5th facial FREE and up to €80 worth of Skinician product with it.

Dermisonic Facial €90 ea


Hope everyone is going to be on the nice list and with a bit of luck we'll all get one or even two of these fab gifts for Christmas!!!

Lorraine. x


Clare Jordan